Game 1 & 2 in EU Diabotical District Amatuer Duel League

I’v played my first 2 games of the EU Diabotical District Amatuer Duel League and it went quite okey. I’m not gonna spoil it for you, watch the VOD yourself. I still have quite far to go, to get in shape and learn all the maps well enough to be competitive. I also need to somehow learn how to count and time items better, hehe. 34 years old and I still can’t count +35 and +25. It does cost me way to much when I can’t calculate if the item timings will crash or not, and instead of delaying an item, I give away free items and give my opponents an easy way back into the game.

On Wednesday at around 21:00 CET I will once again play some of my matches. I will be streaming then and I hope to see you around in chat!

VOD of my first 2 games:

Sensitivity calculator

Convert your Quake mouse settings to different dpi and yaw settings. And now you can also convert it to Diabotical settings. I have now reformatted it a bit so that you can save the text into a .cfg file inside your home folder and just type /exec file_name.cfg in your console. Your acceleration values inside … Read more