Social media

I’v been having a bit of truble with the instagram API, so for now there is only facebook avalible here. My facebook page is more for gaming. Please pick it in the Social media menu. You can also join my discord server here.

Sensitivity calculator

Convert your Quake mouse settings to different dpi and yaw settings. And now you can also convert it to Diabotical settings. I have now reformatted it a bit so that you can save the text into a .cfg file inside your home folder and just type /exec file_name.cfg in your console. Your acceleration values inside … Read more

Yo! IΓÇÖm Micke ΓÇ£mikulΓÇ¥ Nyberg, and this is my website. The main purpose for this website is for me to be able to share whatever I want and for people to have easy access. IΓÇÖm quite interested in gaming, programming, skateboarding, music, science and so on. I might add some scripts or useful stuff, or … Read more