Sensitivity calculator

Convert your Quake mouse settings to different dpi and yaw settings. And now you can also convert it to Diabotical settings. I have now reformatted it a bit so that you can save the text into a .cfg file inside your home folder and just type /exec file_name.cfg in your console.

Your acceleration values inside Diabotical might not be working in the same way if you change your sensitivity in Diabotical without calculating new acceleration values. So remember to do a new calculation if you want to change your sensitivity in the game.

OBS! Use 0.016666667 when going from Diabotical’s default yaw of 1 in this calculator. And also, remember that this is for linear accel in Diabotical.

I have done a few more tools now if you scroll down a bit. They are not as well tested and refined as my main tool here in the beginning, but I think they work as they should. Please report any bugs on either discord or

If you would like to save this calculator locally you can find it here

Experimental tools / calculators

I have made two new tools that might be useful for some. They do come with a warning though. I have not tested these to the extent I have tested my main calculator (the one above), but I’m fairly confident that they do a pretty good job, even if they are not that polished and the source code looks like garbage. As with all my stuff you are free to use them as you please, and download, share or make changes as long as credit is given to all who contribute. Human knowledge belongs to the people, so let’s share it!

Diabotical-settings to Quake-settings. (Linear accel)

FOV and Sens tool

A tool for converting a given sensitivity to a different FOV or zoomFov. OBS! This tool is the one that I am least confident in, since I’m not a specialist in the relations between FOV’s and sensitivity, but from what I have gathered, I THINK, this is right. Please report any bugs, tips or if it just feels wrong to me on either discord or

I am not 100% sure that the acceleration calculation is correct here, but I’ve kept it in so that people could try at least and hopefully report any problems. ( or on my discord)


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