Diabotical config



FOV: 85.0987
Zoomed FOV: 49.7533

Mouse settings on every weapon except Shaft and PnC (Linear accel):

mouse_sensitivity 1.55
mouse_accel_cap 1.6129032258064515
mouse_accel_ramp 0.02709677419354839
mouse_accel_post_scale_x 1.08000
mouse_accel_post_scale_y 1.08000

Rocket crosshair:


Blaster/plasma & shotgun crosshair:


Shaft (Natural accel instead of linear):

mouse_sensitivity 1.55
mouse_accel_cap 2
mouse_accel_ramp 0.027
mouse_accel_post_scale_x 1.08000
mouse_accel_post_scale_y 1.08000

Shaft crosshair:


PnC or Railgun (Linear accel):

mouse_sensitivity 1.55
mouse_accel_cap 1.6129
mouse_accel_ramp 0.027
mouse_accel_post_scale_x 1.08000
mouse_accel_post_scale_y 1.08000

PnC Crosshair:


Moving home!

Hi! I just wanna say sorry just in case there is any problems with the website at the moment. I’m trying to move the whole shit to my own webserver instead. So there will probably be some downtime from time to time and broken links. please contact me on discord if you find any bugs … Read more

Game 1 & 2 in EU Diabotical District Amatuer Duel League

I’v played my first 2 games of the EU Diabotical District Amatuer Duel League and it went quite okey. I’m not gonna spoil it for you, watch the VOD yourself. I still have quite far to go, to get in shape and learn all the maps well enough to be competitive. I also need to somehow learn how to count and time items better, hehe. 34 years old and I still can’t count +35 and +25. It does cost me way to much when I can’t calculate if the item timings will crash or not, and instead of delaying an item, I give away free items and give my opponents an easy way back into the game.

On Wednesday at around 21:00 CET I will once again play some of my matches. I will be streaming then and I hope to see you around in chat!


VOD of my first 2 games: