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Up and running again, plus senstool source/portable

Hi again! It has been a while since i wrote something. Since I’v been away for the holidays visiting family, I did turn of the server for a while, but now I’m back. When I was gone I didn’t think about people needing the senstool that I wrote. iamdaniel from ask me to make […]

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Quake Live sensitivity and acceleration calculation

Hey! You know the feeling when you just bought a new mouse and you want to use the same sensitivity and/or acceleration as before, but don’t wanna do the math yourself? Then I have a solution for you! old dpi: new dpi: sensitivity: cl_mouseAccel: m_yaw: Windows multiplier: Default values: Windows multiplier: 1 cl_mouseAccel: 0 sensitivity: […]

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Volume script

A volume script for your quake live config. Just add these lines to your quake live config and you can change volume on the up and down arrows. [crayon-5a8ad40b2703a992860808/]

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mikul.cfg I know this is a real mess, but its kinda nice and a steady work in progress. You may wanna have to change some stuff if you want to use this one. For example sound and graphic settings. If you use another dpi then I do, you can kinda easily calculate the new mouse […]

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yo! Since i run xubuntu on my desktop at the moment i’v thought it was a bit annoying type apt-cache search every time i wanted to search for a package. So i made a short alias for a bash script i wrote for “apt-cache search” with color highlighting. Lets start with the bash script named […]

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