Up and running again, plus senstool source/portable

Hi again!
It has been a while since i wrote something.
Since I’v been away for the holidays visiting family, I did turn of the server for a while, but now I’m back.

When I was gone I didn’t think about people needing the senstool that I wrote.
iamdaniel from esreality.com ask me to make a portable version that can be used if my server is down again, so why not, I’m not gonna be sneaky with the source code. I was gonna release it anyways, but I just thought it looked so messy, and then I kinda forgot about it.

Just copy this code (same as below) into a .html file, save, and you should be good to go.
Then just open in your favorite web browser.

<!doctype html>
		<meta charset="utf-8">
		<title>Sensitivity calculation for Quake Live </title>
			function calc(){
				// get info from forms
				var old_dpi=document.getElementById('old_dpi').value;
				var new_dpi=document.getElementById('new_dpi').value;
				var sens=document.getElementById('sens').value;
				var accel=document.getElementById('accel').value;
				var yaw=document.getElementById('yaw').value;
				// calculate new accel and sens
				var bas = old_dpi/new_dpi;
				var exponent = 2;	
				var newint = Math.pow(bas, exponent);

				var new_sens=sens*(old_dpi/new_dpi);
				var new_accel=accel*newint;
				var new_cm = (360/ (yaw*new_dpi*1*new_sens )) * 2.54;

				document.getElementById('result').innerHTML="<b>New sens: </b>" + new_sens + "</br><b> New accel: </b>" + 	new_accel + "</br><b>CM/360: </b>" + new_cm ;
				return false;
		<b>Quake Live sensitivity and acceleration calculation:</b>


<div title="Your old mouse dpi"><b>old dpi: </b><input type="text" onChange="calc()" id="old_dpi" value="400" onblur="if(this.value==''){ this.value='400'; this.style.color='#BBB';}" onfocus="if(this.value=='400'){ this.value=''; this.style.color='#000';}" style="color:#BBB;"/></div>

<div title="Your new mouse dpi."><b>new dpi: </b><input type="text" onChange="calc()" id="new_dpi" value="500" onblur="if(this.value==''){ this.value='500'; this.style.color='#BBB';}" onfocus="if(this.value=='500'){ this.value=''; this.style.color='#000';}" style="color:#BBB;" /></div>

<div title="Default 4"><b>sensitivity:  </b><input type="text" onChange="calc()" id="sens" value="4" onblur="if(this.value==''){ this.value='4'; this.style.color='#BBB';}" onfocus="if(this.value=='4'){ this.value=''; this.style.color='#000';}" style="color:#BBB;" /></div>

<div title="Default 0.0"><b>cl_mouseAccel:  </b><input type="text" onChange="calc()" id="accel" value="0.0" onblur="if(this.value==''){ this.value='0.0'; this.style.color='#BBB';}" onfocus="if(this.value=='0.0'){ this.value=''; this.style.color='#000';}" style="color:#BBB;" /></div>

<div title="Default 0.0222"><b>m_yaw: </b><input type="text" onChange="calc()" id="yaw" value="0.022" onblur="if(this.value==''){ this.value='0.022'; this.style.color='#BBB';}" onfocus="if(this.value=='0.022'){ this.value=''; this.style.color='#000';}" style="color:#BBB;" /></div>

<b>Windows multiplier: </b><input type="text" onChange="calc()" id="yaw" value="1" onblur="if(this.value==''){ this.value='1'; this.style.color='#BBB';}" onfocus="if(this.value=='1'){ this.value=''; this.style.color='#000';}" style="color:#BBB;" />


			<input type="button" onClick="calc()" value="Calculate" />

<div id="result"></div>


Quake Live sensitivity and acceleration calculation

You know the feeling when you just bought a new mouse and you want to use the same sensitivity and/or acceleration as before, but don’t wanna do the math yourself?
Then I have a solution for you!

old dpi:
new dpi:

Windows multiplier:

Default values:
Windows multiplier: 1
cl_mouseAccel: 0
sensitivity: 4
m_yaw: 0.022


Hi! I recently did some changes in my quake live config.
Thought I could share the new one. It’s a mix of some cooller stuff, some cypher stuff and my own stuff.

If you use another dpi then I do, you can kinda easily calculate the new mouse settings with a calculator.
I use MSI 3.0 @ 400dpi.


For example sensitivity 1.5, 1000dpi to 800dpi


You can find my cfg here and the hud here.

Did some changes.

For some reason i felt for a change and switched up the design theme on the website today.
I’m gonna try to put in some more work on this site soon, just thinking a bit about what to do with it, how i want it to evolve.

For the moment I’m trying to get back a bit more into quake again, since I’ll be having a bit more spare time for a while and its a lot of fun, a good distraction, and a good way to keep your mind active.
I’m gonna try to stream a bit more now as well at www.twitch.tv/mikul_se.
I’m not that good at casting or the english spoken language, but I’ll try my best.