Finally got my stream on!

I finally figured out why I just get a grey picture on the live stream but still get vods when i stream to
Apparently I was using the wrong codec. I now have switched from H.264 to libx264 in SimpleScreenRecorder.

Here are some quick steps to take in SimpleScreenRecorder to get rid of that darn grey bakground:

– Set the container to ‘flv’.
– Put the RTMP URL in the ‘save as’ field in SimpleScreenRecorder.
– Uncheck ‘separate file per segment’
– Set the video codec to libx264 (not H.264, that one won’t allow you to change the bit rate).
– Set the bit rate to a reasonable value, for example 2000 kbps. The value should be significantly lower than the upload speed of your internet connection, otherwise it will not work well.
– In the custom video codec options field, enter preset=fast,tune=zerolatency,minrate=2000,maxrate=2000,bufsize=2000,keyint=60.
– The number should be equal to the bit rate. For more information about custom codec options, read this.
– Set the audio codec to AAC.

Hope it helps someone at least. I know that I have been scratching my head for a while.



Since i run xubuntu on my desktop at the moment i’v thought it was a bit annoying type apt-cache search every time i wanted to search for a package. So i made a short alias for a bash script i wrote for “apt-cache search” with color highlighting.

Lets start with the bash script named

After that you need to make the script executable. Do that with this command:

Now lets use this script. For easy access i made a short alias for my new script.

This is how my  .bash_aliases looks like: (nano .bash_aliases)

when you finished creating those 2 files in your home directory, you can start using asg and ai commands in a new terminal/tab.

To change color use asg command like this: